How will installing a POS touchscreen improve business at my salon?


Point of sale software has become quite popular for improving the quality, speed and efficiency of customer service for small and large businesses. Businesses such as restaurants, retail outlets and all other sectors of the hospitality industry have adopted the systems because they automate service delivery and eliminate clutter at the business premises. If you own a spa, and you are looking for ways to manage both employees and clients in a faster and more efficient manner, you should consider the latest POS touch screens and software; here is why.

Management of the salon inventory

As a salon owner, you probably stock hundreds of different beauty care products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, makeup and other styling products. The POS salon management system assist in the control, tracking and electronic management of the inventory. When you manage the supplies in this manner, you will get a notification when a product is running out so that you can replace it. POS systems, therefore, eliminate instances of you figuring out you are out of a particular product when a customer is waiting for a service which requires it.

Management of the salon appointment book

Nothing turns customers off faster than showing up for an appointment, only to discover that the beauty stylist forgot about it. The latest POS systems organise appointments so efficiently that you can easily find out the status of each booking. With this information, you are also able to see the free blocks of time that you have available so that you can slot in new customers. The system also helps you differentiate between new and repeat customers and figure out the services which keep customers coming back and those that do not so that you can improve your service delivery.

Management of salon employees

The most substantial operating cost for most salons is usually the employees. Booking appointments for them manually is not efficient because when there are clashes in the schedules, conflicts emerge. The POS systems allow you to manage employee appointments more efficiently and pair them up with the jobs that will give them high revenues. The software allows employees to clock in and out and eases the management of their gross wage calculations.

Other functions that the POS systems will help you manage in your salon include the creation of reports and the management of cash flow. The systems are easy to use, robust, intuitive and very versatile. POS touch screens are a sure bet if you intend to improve client experience in your salon or spa.


15 January 2018

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